Sometimes people say “the youth are the future of the church.”  At Blue Ridge, they’re part of our joyous present. If you are looking for a place to connect with God and find a place where you can belong, hanging out with other youth that are walking on that same path can be a great thing.  It might be a night of pizza and a movie, sharing in communion at midnight in the sanctuary with a single candle, or doing a mission project in the neighborhood.  

If you’re a parent of teens or younger children, you can know that we have dedicated adults who have a ministry of hanging out with our youth.  They may lead our youth, chaperone youth activities, lead Sunday School classes, or volunteer in the nursery.   Whatever the role, our congregation prizes our youth and seeks to support them as they grow in their discipleship.

K-6 Sunday school

K-6th grade Sunday School children learn from Potter's Publishing Curriculum where we experience a different workshop each week.  For six weeks children learn about the same story but in different ways. We learn through drama, cooking, computers, art, science, journey, story telling, music, dance, bible variety, games, etc.  We have 4 teams of two teachers who rotate every four weeks.  All of our teachers are eager to share the workshop story with their class.

Our children participate in a yearly Christmas pageant, in the Palm Sunday Processional and take part in the worship service from time to time.   They also participate in Heartland Presbytery Summer Camp as well as a weeklong Traveling Day Camp at our very own church!

Come join us.  We'd love to see you!

7-12 Sunday School

Many churched teens struggle to connect their faith to their everyday lives, and when asked what they believe, you often get the answers they think they need to give in church. Talksheets help teens engage in real conversations where belief can be discovered, Christian words and notions can be unpacked, and faith can be connected with and expressed. Students talk about the Bible and God, themselves, their beliefs, their questions, their lives, and about the things that matter to them.  Real-life topics are discussed such as media influences which includes TV, music, and advertising.  Youth also talk about Substance Abuse, Peer Pressure, Parents, Self-Image and their Physical Appearance.

This Sunday School class has the same lead teacher every Sunday, and a team of four teachers rotates to teach with the lead teacher each week.  There is lots of great discussion and sometimes there is a fun game of Bible Baseball taking place!