When we give, we are expressing worship in a tangible way by putting God first in our lives, all while allowing
us to be a part of the most important work in life - spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ! 
Your donations allow us to continue our mission of

Building Relationships with People in Christ.




We invite you to give in person during our Sunday service.  There are envelopes in the pews for your convenience.  And, there are boxes of envelopes on the round table by the office door.  Please feel free to take home a box containing either 12 or 52 envelopes.  These boxes also include envelopes for our special offerings that occur throughout the year.


BRPC can automatically withhold an amount of your choice from your bank account each month. Email if you would like to set up this service.


Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church,  PO Box 16536,  Raytown MO  64133



When you make a general donation to BRPC, you help fund the whole ministry of our church.  General donations are used for important causes like giving back to our community, providing for music and instruments, growing our youth and children's ministries, maintaining our church campus, fairly paying our staff,  and more.  General donations create our most flexible funds that allow us to respond quickly when there is a need in our community.  If you'd like to give a designated gift - that is, a gift to a particularly ministry of BRPC - you are welcome to call the church office and we will put you in contact with the right peson.


If you’d like to make a contribution to BRPC in loving memory of someone, a check can be either dropped off at the church or mailed to BRPC, PO Box 16536, Raytown MO 64133.  Please put “in memory of” and the person’s name in the memo line of your check.


All of us at BRPC are indebted to the past; to those who precede us. We drink from wells we have not dug. We enjoy liberties we have not won. We share a faith whose foundations we have not laid. At the same time, we are seeds of the future for those who succeed us. We dream and envision and set things in motion. The fruition of our decisions will be known only to others whom we will not meet. We are called to partner in faith with those who have gone before us and to offer the best that we have to give to those who will follow. We, at Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church, wish to honor that faithful stewardship, and also provide for the future. So the Endowment Fund was established to encourage, accept, and administer gifts received. The intent of  these gifts  is not to simply accumulate money for the church, but to use the interest earned for the benefit of Christ's work in the neighborhood and the community.  Our members support the work of Christ in the world. This can be done by bequests to the church in wills, charitable trusts, gift annuities, life insurance, and the transfer of property, cash, stocks and bonds, and real estate. We welcome birthday gifts, the most popular being to donate an amount each year equal to your age.  Gifts of cash are also welcome.  Cash or check donations can be brought to the church or mailed, or you can purchase a money order with the church as the recipient.