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If you believe in God, come to BRPC Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church for Christian fellowship and worship. We welcome all who believe to our church services.

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Who We Are

BRPC Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian church in Raytown, Missouri. Our purpose is to make people aware of Jesus Christ as their savior, teaching them how to live a Christian life. We need your help to be the people we aim to be.

Since 1952, we have been reaching out to others in need, worshipping God with imagination and joy, building relationships with one another, studying God’s Word, as well as asking what it means to be Christ’s people.

Mission Statement
The mission of Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church is to proclaim and celebrate the good new of Jesus Christ, gather as a community to worship God with dignity, warmth, and beauty, nourish personal faith and commitment through study, prayer, fellowship, stewardship, and mission, work for love, justice, and peace, be a caring community to God's love day by day, work locally and beyond with our denomination and the larger Christian church,  and be a telling presence in the community.

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